Tune In to Your Childhood to Recover Your Bravery

May 12, 2019
epiphanies and thoughts

Children can be mean because of their brutal honesty and lack of consideration for other people’s feelings, but children are also brave.

They have no care for safety. It’s risky. It’s go big or go home.

Of course this thought process does not happen in their heads.

They don’t convince themselves they’re brave.

They just … do.

When my siblings and I were young, we did not hesitate to cut off our Barbie dolls’ hair.

We didn’t care about whether she’ll still look good or not.

We just wanted to have fun and give her a new look.

Now, cutting a new doll's bouncy, curly locks feels difficult.

Because the doll’s hair already looks so "pretty", I don’t know if it will be “worth it” to cut it. Because it’s not like there’s gonna be a backup version of the original state of hair.

It’s just … too risky.

As with play-doh, back then, we just wanted to mix colors together.

It’s not that we didn’t care if the whole batch of play-doh turns into a muddy shit color.

It’s just that it just didn’t cross our minds! We just did it without thinking about the result.

Our dad let us do that because he understands the importance of allowing your child freedom to experiment and play around in this unstained period of life.

(Our mom wasn’t too glad about that, and would always pluck individual colors out from a huge ball of shit-colored doh when we were done playing.)

Meanwhile, our neighbors whose kids were at the same age, would make sure every blob of play-doh is its own color. And that every barbie doll has silky smooth hair and sitting in a neat row on the shelf.

They’re still this way to this day. I’m not sure if that was their innate personalities … or that they were already shaped by these rules since they were young, which have now become their truth.

Most grown ups feel the need to think about every single detail when they do something, not without reason, for they have gone through a lot and want to avoid pitfalls.

They need to mentally go through the pros and cons of each plan, and calculate the risk, and shrivel at the horror movie that made up in their heads.

And then they resume their lives without changing anything.

That’s a surefire way to be safe, and mediocre.

It just depends on the life you want.

After all, if you’ve never ventured beyond where you are now, it is still possible to feel like you're happy enough.

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