This is Why Things are Not Going Well for You

January 19, 2019
epiphanies and thoughts

No matter what you don’t like in life, no matter the things you think are unfair to you, just know that the results are only responding to your approach.

We’re like mirrors.

If you don’t seem to get desirable results in money, your love life, your interpersonal relations, a coming-of-age phase in your life, and so on, remove your ego and words of blame and look at how you’re navigating these “injustices”.

At one point in my life, I felt like people are not as warm towards me as they would be towards a friend of mine at that time.

They wouldn’t talk to me casually, and sometimes they don’t even smile.

While this can say as much about them as you can you, if you don’t like the circumstances you’re in, then change the way you approach the problem.

People, money, and circumstances respond to how you treat and think of them.

If people aren’t smiling at you as often as you’d like, instead of thinking “oh my gawd, such rude”, notice how you’re treating them.

Do you avoid eye contact? Or give them only a quick glance? Or do you not smile genuinely?

If you change a factor of the equation, the answer will be different, no matter for the better or good, no matter how significant the difference is.

Even intangible things like money: do you think it will respond positively if you think of it as the root of all evil?

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