Netflix Must-Watch: Terrace House Opening New Doors Japanese Reality Show

January 19, 2019
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Let’s get some things outta’ the way before we proceed to the fangirling.

  1. There are three Terrace House seasons/series on Netflix, but Opening New Doors is my first and favorite season!!!
  2. Terrace House is a Japanese reality show franchise where six strangers live in a house and are provided amenities (like cars, swimming pools, etc).
  3. There is no script and the hosts are fucking hilarious.
  4. Three men. Three women. Many join Terrace House to look for romance. If someone decides to leave, another member is introduced.

The best thing about Terrace House is that it’s candid. Things don’t go as you want them to, like in dramas.

terrace house netflix
these are the hosts!!!

1.  It’s unpredictable because it’s real life and that can mean a good or bad thing, because you’re gonna’ be on the edge of your seats trying to telepathically will the members to act out the ideal script you as a third person has made up.

It makes you aware that whilst humans are unpredictable and colorful, their thought process can be one-dimensional.

Many judge and believe only what they assume from something they saw with their eyes.

From a third person point of view, we are able to see and consider everything.

Doesn’t that make you aware of how important it is to avoid jumping to conclusions and to detach yourself from a situation to see something for what it really is?

terrace house opening new doors members
shohei, tsubasa, seina, taka, ami, shion (left to right)

2.  There are people of all different personalities and upbringing, and you see them trying to achieve goals in realistic and unique ways.

You can see some similarities in some members’ characters depending on where they live. Members from certain episodes and seasons were really vocal and concise about what they thought and wanted.  It’s interesting to see the influence of the societal standards of a nation reflect on its dwellers.

3.  As the members start to get to know each other more, they grow past external appearances and realize what’s on the inside is what matters most.

It’s reassuring to see this kind of play unfold in a reality show, especially from a third person point of view.

This was more obvious in the Opening New Doors season where passionate love and companionate love were put up against each other, in THREE separate “attraction” triangles.

Everyone ended up touching base with what they felt instead of what they saw.

Let us applaud Shohei for shining with maturity upon being told that Seina (whom he likes) did her nose:

“It’s not Seina’s exterior I’m attracted to … I like who she is inside. She can reconstruct her body all she likes.”


Seina and Taka from Terrace House
Seina and Taka

4.  You will grow to understand the importance of timing in budding relationships.

Several occasions you will see uncertainty in both parties who are attracted to each other when they each talk about their thoughts and feelings to their own respective friends.

These uncertainties most times are not made known to the other person, and if it wasn’t because an assertive act in the nick of time here and there, a lot of sparks would’ve died in vain.

4.  You will become more aware of how your actions affect others and your ego might be toned down.

There is drama in Terrace House, and house meetings can get pretty heated pretty quickly, which makes it more interesting to watch.

Terrace House House Meeting with Arisa, Natsumi, Arman, Hikaru, Minori, and Tatsuya
Apparently there's beef between Minori and Natsumi (both women in the middle of each side of the table) ...

Sometimes you'll see a member who is exceptionally stubborn and egoistic that they can't see their mistakes and how it hurts other people.

It makes you think about yourself.

I think Terrace House is a gem on Netflix, and I live for the hilarious comments the hosts make on set. So watch it.

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