live bucket list

❏ Stay at Kakslauttanen Finland Glass Igloo
❏ Trek a part of the Himalayas
❏ Experience the Northern Lights
❏ Experience Iceland's Midnight Sun
❏ Skydive
❏ White water rafting
❏ Design cosmetic packaging (particularly eyeshadow palettes)
❏ Dance in front of a lot of people
❏ Ride all the amusement park rides
❏ Private jet membership (at least for a month!)
❏ Give back to people who helped me by fulfilling their materialistic wishes
❏ Start a foundation
❏ Splash a glass of wine on someone
❏ Attend a 米津 玄師 concert
❏ Attend a Gem Tang concert
❏ Attend a 张杰 concert
❏ Attend a 毛不易 concert
❏ Race an Olympic Swimmer
❏ Write a great book
Write a book
Create a blog
Create a comic