about amber

When something looks magical and unreachable, to prevent myself from shrivelling in its brilliance, I try to take a little bit of magic away by trying to be the magician.

Hello, human!

I'm so glad you're reading my blog! My name is Amber and if defining myself is the only way you'll get to know me a bit better ... I'm an designer and illustrator and writer most of the time, while the rest of my life is reserved for watching and reading shit, alone in my room, swimming, traveling, and doing things I'm scared of doing. 💃🏻🏊🏼

What is the blog about?

It's about having the courage to live life (and that means everything from finding yourself to being brave enough to fight for yourself), living a creative life (quite literally), and good shit that you should read/watch because they make your soul sparkle. ✨✨

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